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Why Choose Us?

  • We limit the scope of each workshop to specific Common Core State Standards and Principals and Standards of School Mathematics to insure an in-depth understanding of concepts and transfer of knowledge to the class-room.
  • We guarantee the outcomes identified in each workshop description through research-validated methods and materials.
  • Materials are field tested and mapped to Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, Common Core State Standards and expectations.
  • We increase student achievements, generate teacher enthusiasm, and change attitudes towards the teaching and learning of mathematics.
  • We give participants professionally prepared materials which are listed in workshop descriptions.
  • We offer graduate credit and CEU's.

Mastering the Basic Facts of Multiplication and Division by Mental Computation

Course Purpose:

  • To teach the meanings of the operations of multiplication and division and the three representations for each meaning.

  • To teach the numerical relationships students will use as thinking strategies for mastering the basic facts of multiplication and division by mental computation by mid-term third grade.

  • To teach the trading process for the basic facts, the language describing the trading process, and the algorithms representing the step by step trading process for multiplication and division.

For more information download the course syllabus below.

Course Syllabus:
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Printable Brochure

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