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Why Choose Us?

  • We limit the scope of each workshop to specific Common Core State Standards and Principals and Standards of School Mathematics to insure an in-depth understanding of concepts and transfer of knowledge to the class-room.
  • We guarantee the outcomes identified in each workshop description through research-validated methods and materials.
  • Materials are field tested and mapped to Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, Common Core State Standards and expectations.
  • We increase student achievements, generate teacher enthusiasm, and change attitudes towards the teaching and learning of mathematics.
  • We give participants professionally prepared materials which are listed in workshop descriptions.
  • We offer graduate credit and CEU's.

Geometry for the 3rd and 4th Grade Student

Course Purpose:

To give third and fourth grade educators the opportunity to provide their students with:

  • a geometry dictionary where terms are clearly defined and represented in a drawing.

  • a workbook that explores the concepts defined in the dictionary by asking students to draw with a protractor, ruler, or a template; construct with a compass and a straight edge; build on a geoboard; make and cut geometric figures from paper.

For more information download the course syllabus below.

Course Syllabus:

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Printable Brochure

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